Calculations for "The Thread of Red", by artist Paola Grossi Gondi, 2015. See BioTechnoPractice and Paola Grossi Gondi's Thread of Red.
Calculations for “The Thread of Red”, by artist Paola Grossi Gondi, 2015. See BioTechnoPractice and Paola Grossi Gondi’s Thread of Red.

Techno* can be hardware like robots or prosthesis, software like computer simulation programs and models, or pure theory like scientific paradigms. In fact, Techno* is the powerful transformation of reality according to some prescriptions and values, and, at the same time, a crucial part of the explanatory enterprise.

On Techno*, more and more we depend to better understand the world. At the same time, technological advances of the last decades have produced artifacts whose intrinsic complexity is not totally manageable by the designers, in some cases acquiring a sort of independent existence, thus asking for an approach similar to the one adopted by biological sciences.

It is not without consequences that we insert ‘scientific paradigms’ and ‘theory’ in the Techno realm. The previous ‘step’ of investigation had the title Bio-Techno-Logos (BTL) so remarking a different status for theory (Logos) and technique (Techno). The merging of the two aspects in this ‘second step’ comes from the evidence of the ‘freezing’ of scientific theories into ‘ready-to-use’ software made possible by the universal use of automatic computation. On the one hand, the automatization of theories enlarges their domain to very distant fields for which they can provide useful metaphors (think of the huge enlargement of statistical mechanics application range due to complex network descriptors). On the other hand hand, it implies a fatal loss of awareness of theory premises and consequences: this can be highly misleading and, still more important, provokes a substantial lack of deep understanding of what is effectively done.