A multidisciplinary view of human hand function and its recovery

The Hand: Perception, Cognition, Action edited by Marta Bertolaso and Nicola Di Stefano has been published by Springer.

Drawing on shared research experiences and collaborative projects, this book offers a broad and timely perspective on research on the hand and its current challenges. It especially emphasizes the interdisciplinary context in which researchers need to be trained in contemporary science. From language to psychology, from neurology to the social sciences, and from art to philosophy and religion, the chapters discuss various aspects involved in hand research and therapy. On the basis of concrete and validated case studies, they approach hand function and gestures from different perspectives – not only neurological and medical, but also philosophical, evolutionary and anthropological. By highlighting the overlaps between different areas of research, the book seeks to foster better communication between researchers, and ultimately a better understanding of hand function and its recovery. It offers essential information and inspirations for students, researchers and practitioners in the fields of psychology, epistemology, bioengineering, neuroscience, anthropology and bioethics.

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Table of Contents

The Cognitive Properties of the Motor System and Mirror Neurons
Fogassi, Leonardo

Children’s Object Manipulation: A Tool for Knowing the External World and for Communicative Development
Focaroli, Valentina (et al.)

Hands Shaping Communication: From Gestures to Signs
Sparaci, Laura (et al.)

Primates’ Propensity to Explore Objects: How Manual Actions Affect Learning in Children and Capuchin Monkeys
Taffoni, Fabrizio (et al.)

Current Achievements and Future Directions of Hand Prostheses Controlled via Peripheral Nervous System
Ciancio, Anna Lisa (et al.)

The Human Hand as a Microcosm. A Philosophical Overview on the Hand and Its Role in the Processes of Perception, Action, and Cognition
Russo, Maria Teresa

Ready-to-Hand in Heidegger. Philosophy as an Everyday Understanding of the World and the Question Concerning Technology
Chillón, José Manuel

The Therapeutic Hand
Escribano, Xavier (et al.)

Cooking and Human Evolution
Chirinos, Maria Pia

Essential to Art
Castro, Sixto J.

On the Role of the Hand in the Expression of Music
Leman, Marc (et al.)

Bio-Techno-Logos: The Future of Scientific Practice

Future of scientific practiceThe Future of Scientific Practice: ‘Bio-Techno-Logos’ ed. by Marta Bertolaso is an early book-length product of the network that resulted into the Bio-Techno-Practice hub.

The collection makes a strong contribution to current debates in the philosophy of science and the changing role of scientific practice. The book explores the interplay between biological, technological and theoretical ways of thinking by focusing on cell dynamics, molecular medicine and robotics. The direction of modern science means that these areas can no longer be explored independently but must be integrated if we are to better understand the world. Continue reading Bio-Techno-Logos: The Future of Scientific Practice